November 2016 – Adult Volunteers Required For iFAAM Research Project

Looking for Volunteers with Food Allergies

Are you an adult diagnosed with a food allergy?

Are you interested in participating in a study investigating incidence and circumstances of allergic reactions to food in the community?

This study is being conducted by researchers of the Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management (iFAAM) research project. IFAAM is an EU-funded project aiming at reducing a burden of food allergies across Europe (

You will be asked to report accidental reactions to food via an online tool (an average completion time – 10 minutes) over a period of three months. You will not have to visit a clinic or consume any food for the purpose of this study.You will be paid for the costs of travel (if applicable).

This study has been approved by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee in 2014 [ECM 4 (s) 01/07/14]

If you wish to participate please fill in this brief screening questionnaire: