Ireland – 1 of 7 European countries, launches first-ever Allergic Reaction Reporting Tool!

Ireland – 1 of 7 European countries, launches first-ever Allergic Reaction Reporting Tool!

Seven European countries to participate in cutting edge research that will aid better understanding of food allergic incidents.

Patients with food allergies from Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Poland have now the first-ever opportunity to live-report their allergic incidents to food in a vital implementation stage of the world’s largest study of food allergies ever undertaken.

Food allergy is a chronic disease classified in the same group as asthma or diabetes with no known cure. Up to 20 million European citizens suffer from allergies. Management of the disease by patients and health practitioners, and allergens by industry faces many challenges. There is general poor understanding of environmental or psychosocial aspects contributing to, or preventing allergic reactions to food, and no systematic monitoring of them. This leads to mismanagement, higher risk of future incidents, including life-threatening anaphylaxis, and lower quality of life.

Researchers and patients co-developed a multilingual website and mobile tool called AlleREACT (Allergic REACTions) to map the real frequency of incidents to food in near real-time. This concise yet comprehensive instrument is recording real-world circumstances of reactions, such as their location, type of food and allergen information involved, as well as clinical symptoms and any medication taken. The tool is free to use and already available in English, German, Spanish, French and Polish. This initiative has been accomplished within a €9 million EU funded project known as the Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management (iFAAM). The iFAAM project involves the world’s leading experts in Ireland, the UK, Europe, Australia and US and aims at reducing the burden of food allergies across Europe.

UCC Professor Jonathan Hourihane, Dr Audrey Dunn Galvin, and PhD researcher Katarzyna Pyrz lead this intervention together with the iFAAM’s project coordinator: Professor Clare Mills and a senior researcher: Professor Angela Simpson from the Allergy and Respiratory Centre of The University of Manchester’s Institute of Inflammation and Repair. Community leaders include Patient Organisations: Anaphylaxis Campaign (ACUK, UK), Anaphylaxis Ireland (AI), Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund e.V. (DAAB, Germany), La Prévention des Allergies; Association Française pour la Prévention des Allergies (AFPRAL, France and Belgium), Asociación Española de Personas con Alergia a Alimentos y Látex (AEPNAA, Spain) and Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Chorym na Astmę i Choroby Alergiczne w Łodzi (Poland).

“This is a massive research project which will have far reaching consequences for consumers and food producers”, says Professor Mills. “Uncertainty is a core theme in living and coping with food allergy and current risk hazard approaches perpetuate this uncertainty”, adds Dr Dunn Galvin, a medical psychologist. The reporting tool helps to reduce uncertainty around food allergic incidents by enabling patients, clinicians, researches and public authorities to get a clearer picture on how and how often reactions occur in the community and what can be done to prevent them. Katarzyna Pyrz concludes, “This research empowers patients’ advocates to run their own data collection and to take ownership for the reporting system in long term. This added community value allows the tools and data to serve those living and coping with food allergies on a day-to-day basis”.

All involved Patient Organisations and patients’ representatives agree, “This research is a vital and much-needed step forward, it will aid better understanding and management of food allergies and we are delighted to be part of it. The tool has been developed using patients’ contributions and the outcomes of this research may have important implications for food allergic people in Europe.”

Adults and parents of children diagnosed with food allergies in Ireland, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Poland are asked to get familiar with this initiative and to use this tool anytime they experience a food allergic incident, even a mild one.

Link to on-line AlleReact Reporting Tool


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Oiche Osair An Spideil Fund Raiser, Spiddal

Now in its 6th year the “Oiche Oscair An Spideil” will take place on Saturday 12th March 2016 in The Park Lodge Hotel An Spidéal, Co Galway. The aim of the night is to raise awareness & much needed funds for Anaphyaxis Ireland and Chernobyl Children.  For further details email or

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WANTED at Least 50 Adults With Food Allergy – Can You Help?

The iFAAM  (Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management) project is funded by the EU and is the world’s largest ever study of allergies.  As part of this project, 2 year studies are being carried out in Ireland (University College Cork) and the UK (Manchester University):

    • Ireland   -   AlleRiSC  (Allergic Reactions in Social Context)
    • UK         -   AlleRiC    (Allergic Reactions in Community)

The research team at University College Cork are conducting the AlleRiSC study and are now ready to recruit at least 50 adult volunteers (with diagnosed food allergy) to participate  - CAN YOU HELP?

The study will be conducted over a period of 2 years and volunteers will be asked to use an online questionnaire to report any food-allergic incidents they experience (even the least severe ones) and where possible to send in samples of the suspect food for laboratory testing).

For an overview of the study’s aims and to understand why this research is being done and what taking part would involve for you, please review the following documents:

• Opportunity to Participate in AlleRiSC Study Poster

• Particpant Information Sheet

If you have any questions about this study please contact Katarzyna Pyrz at:

University College Cork
School of Applied Psychology
North Mall


The Allergy & Free From Expo, Dublin – 11th & 12th October 2014

The Allergy & Free From Expo is Ireland’s only exhibition dedicated to those suffering from allergies and/or leading a free-from lifestyle. It is a family oriented exhibition packed with information, advice, seminars and demonstrations, as well as a showcase of the best free from suppliers and products in the country, and takes place in the RDS, Dublin on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th October 2014 from 10am – 6pm.

The Allergy & Free From Expo will be partnering with a select number of national associations, charities and societies to promote awareness of the Expo, including ourselves,Anaphylaxis Ireland and we would be delighted to see you there. Our stand is no. 70 located beside the Asthma Society and the Skin Foundation.

Jext Availability July 2014

Jext Supply Update

Earlier this year a number of batches of Jext 150mcg and 300mcg were recalled from the Irish market by the manufacturer ALK due to a potential quality defect

1. ALK are pleased to confirm that the quality defect has been successfully addressed and the company have delivered sufficient supplies of both presentations to allow for this stock to be withdrawn from the market place and to meet on-going demand. However the stock used to resupply the market was short dated and this has resulted in inconvenience and in some cases financial impact for patients and their carers.

In order to address this any patients/carers with a Jext® with an expiry of either October or December 2014 should contact ALK’s customer service department by email at or by calling +44 (0)118 903 7940.

ALK would like to thank patients and carers for their patience in relation to the product recall and the current issue of short dated stock. ALK are in the process of getting Jext® delivered to Ireland with progressively longer shelf life and are extending this with each batch they produce.


AlleRiC Pilot Study


We have been asked to pass on thanks to all those who participated in the AlleRiC Study for their generosity in volunteering their time.  The attached 6 page letter provides an overview of what has been found so far, with details of the next step on the last page of the document.

 AlleRiC Pilot Study_AI ACUK Participants Debrief Letter (ADG)